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How is Action-izing Different from Action, and How Can It Make You More Successful?

Todd Gifford – Success Coach Taking action — basically this is the only way anything gets done. You can think and think and analyze and analyze all you want, but ultimately ...
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6 Very Effective Ways to Instantly Reduce or Relieve Stress

Todd Gifford – Success Coach The holiday season is kicking into full gear, along with which comes a massive amount of stress for most of us. Many of us rush ...
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Time vs. Energy in the Pursuit of Success

I think pretty much everyone agrees that your Time is your most precious asset, and how you use that time is a critical factor to achieving overall success and happiness, ...
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Why Does a Business President Write a Weight Loss Book?

Shopping For Calories Lifestyle Weight Loss Method – Book by Todd Gifford I know what you are thinking —- oh boy, just what we need, another weight loss book! Not long ...
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You Get What You Tolerate

Todd Gifford – Success Coach I recently was listening to an interview of a very successful business person who was asked what one of their most important learnings was that ...
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5 Powerful Things That Have a Massive Positive Impact

Todd Gifford – Success Coach I read a book recently that I thought was very inspiring and included many things that could be put to use by anyone. Easy and quick ...
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Is it About Achieving Your Goal or your “Chase” to Achieve It?

Todd Gifford, President of DEE, with Wayne Carrini of Hit TV Classic Car Show “Chasing Classic Cars” I recently had the good fortune of meeting and speaking with someone that ...
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Sometimes You Have to Say “No”

Todd Gifford – Success Coach We all have deeply embedded command systems, installed very long ago, in childhood, early in our careers, etc.. — that will, if we don’t notice ...
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‘Braking Later’ Means Big Success For You

Todd Gifford – Success Coach In Formula One Racing (basically the “Indy 500” type race cars, which is absolutely huge in Europe and worldwide), the fastest racing on the planet, ...
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The Beautiful Proble-tunity

Todd Gifford – Success Coach I heard someone say “proble-tunity” the other day, and I instantly wrote it down as a great word that I needed to think about and ...
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My goal in life is to help people be their best and achieve their best. I hope you enjoy my insights and experiences. Todd Gifford is the president of DEE Electronics, a success coach, an author, a speaker, a coach, a husband, a father, a hockey player for life, a triathlete, a runner, a classic car enthusiast, a National Corvette Restorers Society judge, a district elected trustee, a fanatic of watersports of all types, a woodworker, a DIY person around the house, a model builder, and an all-around good guy.

Be Your Best,
Todd Gifford

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Todd Gifford with George Foreman, Boxing Heavyweight Champion of the World


Todd Gifford with Cal Ripken, Jr. (the 'Iron Man' and Major League Baseball Hall of Famer)


Todd Gifford with John Rich (Country Music Superstar and winner of the Celebrity Apprentice)


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Todd Gifford with Wayne Carrini, Host of TV Show 'Chasing Classic Cars' on the Velocity Channel


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