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The Power of Looking Forward to Being Wrong

Todd Gifford – Success Coach Who likes to be wrong? Nobody! And I don’t think I am wrong when I am doing something or saying something that I think is right. I think ...
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At 94 Years Old, He Is Still Playing Hockey…Come to Think Of it, I am almost 51 Years Old and Still Playing Hockey too. The Key to Getting Old “Successfully”

Todd Gifford – Success Coach I watched a TV news magazine story recently about a man in Duluth Minnesota who is still playing hockey several times a week at 94 ...
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A Lifetime of Constant Learning and Learning from Pain — the importance of getting comfortable getting uncomfortable

Todd Gifford – Success Coach Like a lot of you I am sure, our house is full of books. Books everywhere. My wife likes novels, history books, and big encyclopedic type reference ...
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Your Internal Dialog, Using Pattern Interrupts, and The Principle of Maximum Error—Why Each of These Concepts Should Be Very Important To You

Todd Gifford – Success Coach We all do it. I do it. We tell ourselves how ‘bad’ we are all the time every day. We say to ourselves “I am always late”, “I ...
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The Art of Self Motivation

Todd Gifford – Success Coach Learning how to motivate myself and manage my daily motivation is something that I feel is not only one of the most important skills one ...
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The 24 Hour Rule for Preserving the Genius in Ideas and the Ironic Effect of setting a Goal Way Too High

Todd Gifford – Success Coach You are riding in the car and have a brainstorm great idea. You find a scrap piece of paper, hopefully, and write it down. You are in ...
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Becoming Your Big Self — Transformation

Todd Gifford – Success Coach I was recently reading about personal self-improvement, which I do a lot of, and I came across a really great phrase from a gentleman named ...
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One of My Most Important Mentors…Who I Have Never Met or Talked To In-Person

DEE President, Todd Gifford, with Walt Disney I believe that mentors and role models are very important, and most people associate those with during your childhood. But I think it is ...
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The Only 3 Situations When Multi-Tasking Is A Good Thing…

Todd Gifford – Success Coach I can’t count how many times I have heard someone tell me they are a great multi-tasker. For whatever reason, “multi-tasking” has been turned into some ...
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Do you Know What Your Systematic Sources of Daily Inspiration Are?

Todd Gifford – Success Coach Virtually all humans are creatures of habit. We all lead tremendously predictable lives on a daily basis, with that occasional jolt of excitement or unknown emergency. But ...
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My goal in life is to help people be their best and achieve their best. I hope you enjoy my insights and experiences. Todd Gifford is the president of DEE Electronics, a success coach, an author, a speaker, a coach, a husband, a father, a hockey player for life, a triathlete, a runner, a classic car enthusiast, a National Corvette Restorers Society judge, a district elected trustee, a fanatic of watersports of all types, a woodworker, a DIY person around the house, a model builder, and an all-around good guy.

Be Your Best,
Todd Gifford

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